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Sekou Smith:Brooklyn have four giant?
Brooklyn the nets will be held a press conference, and general manager Billy-gold sitting next to the is deron Williams, Joe Johnson and the team's center.
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Now, we still don't know who is the center player. Brooke-lopez? As Williams and Steven gerrard-Wallace that the nets and the complete contract. Dwight Howard? Through the trading like Johnson joined the nets as. But now, signs pointing more to the latter.
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According to ESPN and yahoo sports report, the nets close to have Howard, and deron, Johnson and Wallace composition the nets four giant.Yahoo sports says the nets are stepping up operations of Howard trading, and substantial progress. The magic general manager rob heng, has already said that the team hope through root trading Howard realize benefit maximization. And according to many news shows, the nets most likely have Howard.
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Although the magic want to Howard sent to the west, but it's hard for them to get what he wants chips.
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If you want to complete the transaction, the nets also need to seek other teams help, because the magic for Chris heng frith wasn't interested in it. It is reported, the cavaliers will become the deal of third party, to help make the operation.
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